Kubotan Keychain Is Best Low-Cost Self Defense Product

The Kubotan Key ChainFor those of you out there searching for a low cost way to protect yourself, the Kubotan keychain is a great fit. The Kubotan has been around now for about thirty years or so. It’s a favorite amongst those who need a way to defend themselves in a close quarter hands-on confrontation.


The biggest advantage of the Kubotan is its ability to go unnoticed by an attacker until it’s too late. Most of them measure between five to six inches in length. They also will have a key ring at the end which only makes it harder for anyone to take away as your keys on the end will act as a handle.

Pound for pound the Kubotan is a tool that will inflict the most amount of pain. When held in a hammer fist grip and used to strike at the knees, shoulders, neck, ribs or chest area it can quickly cause excruciating pain. And because many other items can be used as a Kubotan such as ink markers and small flashlights, there are almost no laws to regulate the possession or use of one. Here are some pictures of Kubotan training showing how to use one to disable an attacker.

One other thing is you don’t have to worry about the wind blowing when it’s time to protect yourself. Which is definitely a concern when it comes to other self defense products like pepper spray or mace. As well as there is never an expiration date. As long as you  have your keys with you, then you have a way to protect yourself.


One down side is that in order to actually use one you have to be okay with hitting someone and hurting them. It is designed to inflict pain in a quick and efficient manner. Hence why it was initially introduced to law enforcement to control detainees. So if you’re not the type of person to get physical to protect yourself, then the Kubotan may not be for you.

Also, just like any other self defense item, you need to make sure that you do not lose control of it during a scuffle. If your attacker gets his hands on it your only option at that point will be to run.


Although it is recommended, you need zero self defense training to be able to use one the right way.  It won’t take long before you notice how easy it is to use. You can usually find one for around $5.00, just be sure that after you buy a Kubotan you take some time alone to get familiar with it and practice.

And as always, staying alert is the best form of self defense. But in the event that someone catches you off guard, having a Kubotan handy at all times is the best way to go.

by Richelieu Williams



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