So the question I am asking here today is simple. If you had to pick one and only one, would you rather carry pepper spray or a gun for self-defense in regards to everyday life. The reason I am asking this question is because I carry pepper spray.  And sometimes I get people who try to tell me that “pepper spray is a joke”. They would rather carry a gun.  Their famous line is always, “Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.”

Why I Carry Pepper Spray

Here is why I am such a fan of pepper spray versus carrying a gun. First of all, if anyone gets a hold of my pepper spray (i.e.- a child), I am pretty sure

Keychain Pepper Spray

that nobody is going to die as a result. Second, if I have to use my pepper spray, I am also pretty sure that I am not going to kill anyone and have to live with that for the rest of my life. Third, I can take my pepper spray almost anywhere for protection. I don’t need a permit, and for the most part nobody will ever know I have it until i use it. On the other hand, a gun is a pretty hard secret to keep.

I have been carrying a keychain pepper spray for about six months now and thankfully haven’t had to use it on anyone. If the situation arises, I won’t think twice. I will spray an idiot right up in the eyeballs. And I’ll probably throw in a “I told you so” for good measure when I’m done.

by Richelieu Williams

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